Why Web Hosting is Important to Your SEO

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Everyone knows what SEO is. It’s the almighty marketing that you need to pull your website to the top. It’s also one of the best ways to attract visitors outside of paid marketing. However, the truth is that many people are falling into a trap hole before even starting. Before you think about buying or building links, you have to think about your hosting. A bad host is a marketing nightmare. You can push your website, market as much as you want and create hundreds of links, but it’ll mean nothing if your host isn’t good for SEO. Here are a few factors that you need to consider when choosing your host.


Speed is one of the most important things when it comes to a website’s success. Try selling products when your website loads slowly. Try getting loyal readers when your website takes forever to load. It sets a high barrier that few people are willing to go through. Google loves fast websites. To understand this, you have to understand Google’s thoughts on relevancy. Sure, links are great and their system cares about keywords and many other factors. However, the truth is that Google is more interested in the user experience. They want their users to have a good time. Do you know why many smaller search engines fail? It’s because they link to websites that scam the system.

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If a search engine only brings you to bad websites with spam content, then you won’t want to use the search engine. This is Google’s fear. Few people want to visit a slow website. You’ll notice your traffic drastically drop if your website doesn’t load in three seconds or less. This is why Google has added loading speed to their list of relevancy factors. Speed is mostly controlled by your host. While there are some things that you can do to sabotage loading speeds (like using huge graphics and a lot of GIFs), your host is the driving force in this regard.


Where is your host located? The vast majority of hosts will have servers in your domestic area, which is a good thing. However, some might only have overseas servers, or they might not have servers in countries that you are targeting internationally. Location enters the equation when it comes to speed, but it’s also its own factor. Google likes when servers are domestic. You can find this out yourself by going to the USA and UK versions of Google and searching for the same term. You will often see different websites that target the respected country. Make sure that the host has servers in the right location. If they don’t, then it’s going to be a long climb to the top. If you have a large website that targets many countries, then you might want to consider a CDN.


Let’s revisit the user experience again. Do you think that a website that is constantly offline will make users happy? Of course not. Everyone knows that websites go down, but people get angry when this happens too frequently. If your website is always down, then people will stop trying to visit it. Google has researched this effect, and they only want to display websites that people will like. You should be just fine if the host has a 99% guaranteed uptime rating. While higher is always better, you shouldn’t be penalized at 99%. However, stay far away from those with 95% or lower. Not only with they hurt your business, but they will keep you from getting organic traffic.

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SEO Hosting

Sometimes SEO hosting is necessary. If you are trying to build a large blogging network that uses internal linking, then SEO hosting will be your best friend. You can easily buy various IP addresses that won’t be connected. This means that you can link to all of your websites without being penalized. SEO hosts also tend to have higher speeds and uptime ratings because they are optimized for marketing. While they aren’t nearly as powerful if you are just building one website, they are essential if you are making an entire network.


Before focusing on link juice, backlink building, guest posts and anything else, you should think about your host. if your host isn’t supportive of SEO, then why bother putting in all the time and money for marketing? Simply changing your host can make a huge difference with your SEO.

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