Top 4 Anti-Theft Devices for Your Vehicle

Anti-Theft Devices for Your Vehicle

A person who never had their car stolen believes that this is something that mostly happens to other people. Unfortunately, they couldn’t be more wrong. According to a number of surveys, for every 100,000 vehicles 220.0 get stolen, which is a considerable number. Nonetheless, this number has fallen considerably since its peak in 1991. The reason behind this are all the latest anti-theft devices and technologies that are currently in existence or being developed at this very moment. With this in mind, here are top five anti-theft devices that could make your vehicle much safer.

  1. Steering wheel lock

Locking your door and steering wheel may seem as enough to protect your car, but this is definitely not something that can stop a professional. These two preventive measures are what most thieves expect when trying to steal a car. This also means that any additional preventive measure (especially if clearly visible), might act as a potential deterrent.

We are talking about items such as tire lock, but even more efficiently a portable steering wheel lock. The very sight of this device can make the theft of your car not worth it, seeing how it would take a much greater amount of time and effort than initially estimated by a thief. In other words, it significantly upsets the risk-reward ratio of stealing your car and in this way acts as a potent deterrent.

  1. Tracking device

No matter how quality it is, there is a way to beat any lock. For this reason, people who find the safety of their vehicle to be paramount usually rely on protecting it in more than one way. In a case where your car actually gets stolen, your first priority suddenly shifts to being able to find it. This is why some companies specialize in vehicle monitoring and tracking.

Sure, any thief will instantly look for a way to disable a car’s GPS as soon as they enter it, but what if you have a portable GPS device stashed somewhere in a car. These days, GPS technology is getting so widely available, that some people even protect their luggage at the airport by placing a portable GPS device in it. This is definitely an inexpensive and reliable method of protecting what’s yours.

  1. Car alarm

This particular method is extremely popular with car owners worldwide and it is meant to protect your car from any brute-force attempts to enter it. In other words, if someone tries to break the glass on the vehicle or force the doors open, this alarm will let you know. The downside of this method is that it won’t actually do anything to protect the vehicle. It can only give you enough time to react. Of course, there is also a probability that the sound of the alarm might scare off the thief.

  1. Hood lock

Finally, a lot of people focus too much on their car getting stolen, that they forget that the vehicle is not the only thing thieves are interested in. You see, a car battery is a particularly popular item for thieves all over the world, seeing how it is portable and incredibly easy to steal. Nonetheless, with the installation of a hood lock, you can easily prevent access to your car battery. Seeing how this simple, yet revolutionary, device protects other engine components, as well, it is definitely worth your while.


The thing you need to keep in mind is that there’s no such thing as the best vehicle protection method – this depends on the particular scenario. In order to see which of them fits your car, you need to consider a wide array of external factors such as your budget, the model of your car, a difficulty of the device’s removal and the area you live in. The last part can also influence the probability of someone actually trying to steal your car, which is definitely not something you should underestimate. At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide just how much (time and money) is the safety of your car worth to you.

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