The Top 5 Technology Myths

Technology Myths

Technology is a part of our everyday life, but a lot of the time we don’t really understand how it works, and this means that we make a lot of mistakes and pay more than we should for tech. Here are five technology myths that a lot of people believe, and that you could save a lot of money if you took the time to really understand.

1 – Macs Won’t Get Viruses

While Macs are less likely to get viruses, they are not immune. Virus writers target the most popular platforms, and as Macs have become more common, more viruses have started to appear for the platform.

2 – Linux is Hard to Use

A few years ago, this was definitely true, but it is not the case any more. Linux is quite user-friendly these days, with easy installers and a graphical user interface that should be familiar to almost everyone, whether they are used to tablets, Macs or Windows.

3 – TOR is Secure and Anonymous

A lot of people rely on things like TOR to allow them to surf the web anonymously, but the truth is that this system isn’t completely secure. Someone with enough resources to run several nodes could figure out your identity if they wanted to. For a little casual surfing that isn’t linked directly to your IP address, it’s fine. However, if you really have something you need to guarantee privacy for, don’t rely on it.

4 – You Shouldn’t Charge Your Phone Overnight

There was a time when it was possible to over-charge batteries but that is no longer the case. Modern smartphones use Li-On batteries, which are quite ‘smart’ and will stop accepting charge once they are fully charged.

5 – More Pixels = Better

After Apple popularized the retina display, there was an arms race to make bigger, denser, higher resolution displays for smartphones and tablets. While it’s easy to understand the psychology behind this, the truth is that bigger displays are not always better. Look at contrast, viewing angle and brightness as well as the raw number of pixels.

Technology is always changing, so it’s important you pay attention to what’s current now, as well as what used to be important. Don’t get left behind by repeating old wisdom just because “everyone knows that this is how it works” – you never know what you will learn.

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