The Affects Of Technology On Society

Affects Of Technology On Society

There are always two sides to a coin, and technology can be measured on the same basis. You can either consider it a good thing, or you prefer to see the bad. If you look at how technology affects society today then the picture is a little scary.

The Good Effects

In order to be fair, one should always be objective when it comes to questions like these. Starting with the great things technology has done for society, speeding up medical evolution is definitely one of them. With every day technology helps to save lives.

It’s also become a big part in terms of providing security and protection. Shopping doesn’t require long trips and lines, while banking is as easy as pushing a button. What about staying in constant contact with loved ones who live far away?

When you think about it, technology has really brought the world closer together. With all the information in the world at your fingertips, cars that can spot danger further up the road, and watches that measure your heart rate as you run, one cannot deny that quality of life has dramatically increased.

The Bad Effects

The downside to this rapid increase of technological stimulation can mostly be seen in the way people interact with each other. Due to social networks and smart phones, people hardly have conversations face-to-face anymore. Instead of living, people are more interested in posting on Facebook.

Technology has managed to create a virtual world where many people like to hide. Within this new world they are able to start over and only present what they want people to see.

The Bottom Line

When somebody gets shot, you can’t blame the gun. You have to find the person behind the gun. In this case technology is the gun and we as a society are pulling the trigger. Technology can and will continue to enrich lives all over the world, but there will be those who abuse it.

In the end technology doesn’t really have an effect on society. It’s society that creates it. It’s our choice to make everything work faster and more effective. Despite the fact that this puts pressure on us to constantly perform and to keep up to date. Society has made it a status symbol only the rich can really afford and some might say it has left a big dent in humanity.

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