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DS300 police body camera

Today I want to present DS300 police body camera – the new partner of the police, safety and security tech specialists.

Helping people, protecting, defending and enforcing public safety are the main tasks of the police. That’s what they are trained for, and that’s what they are good at. Unfortunately, they have often been impeded during exercise of their duties lately. Sadly, there are groups who take pleasure in taunting, harassing and fooling the police. You’ll find countless examples on YouTube. Annoying, compromising or even dangerous situations are often provoked. But how can that be proven?

Thanks to the use of the X-Surveillance DS300, complete evidence is readily available. The situation can be streamed from the very beginning, both with images and with audio.

The X-Surveillance DS300 is a police body camera that can be used as a wireless body cam, but also as a body word camera with PTT functionality. PTT is one of the most important functions of this type of body cam. The device itself is not heavy, is easy to attach, and moreover has only 1 optional cable; namely to connect to the PTT function. The device is easy and fast to use and works just like the current PTT (transceiver) microphones, but the X-Surveillance DS300 has 3 extra functions, for optimal use, i.e. evidence.


  • Record videos (with or without audio)
  • Record pictures
  • Record audio only

These functions are all very easy to operate with 1 push on the button. Unlike the existing PTT (transceiver) device that is current being used, this device also functions as a body camera and as PTT handheld. It doesn’t get any easier.

The advantage of a body camera hardly needs explanation anymore, but for clarity we’ll list them here.

  • Increased security for first responders, thanks to the fact that everything is recorded
  • Works preventively (big brother is watching you)
  • Recording teaching material

In short, the safety of police and citizens is ensured better thanks to the use of this body worn camera. Law enforcement at its best.


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