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Opera Mini for Android is Ready to Launch

Opera Mini

Accessible as a beta ever since March, the Opera Mini 5.1 app for Android Mobile Operating System is at the present ready for download.  Opera which is known for an enormously fast browsing experience uses a proxy server to squeeze data before it is send to your phone.  That’s because  it is too fast.

Some innovative improvements to ultimate version comprise faster page download speeds, accelerometer support, and virtual touchscreen support.  One of major complaints of the beta was no multi touch support.  Well Opera has set all that, the final version adds pinch-to-zoom multi touch support.   So you all can relax now.

Another huge addition is the skill to make Opera Mini the default browser, which is a good feature not found on most other popular mobile platforms.  Opera Mini  also adds a session restore to crashed browser session, and the capability to synchronize bookmarks, speed dials, and search history with your Opera desktop browser.  Finally Opera has improved image quality and page depiction for all new large resolution devices like the EVO 4g and the new Droid X