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How To Add Fancy Symbols To Folder Names Using Glyphboard in iPhone


Folders are one of the chief new features introduced in iOS 4. It assist you keep the apps arranged and decrease the clutter on your iPhone’s home screen.I actually like the way it automatically assigns a name to the folder based on the iPhone apps in it.If that isn’t good enough then individuals at iPhone have figured out a way to allocate fancy symbols to a folder name using Glyphboard.

Glyphboard is an iPhone web app developed by Neven Mrgan, which contains 48 fancy symbols that can be copied and pasted wherever you like.

Just follow these simple steps:

Step :1
Open your Apple safari browser from your iPhone and direct it to Glyphboard homepage at http://mrgan.com/gb/
Glyphboard iPhone application

Step : 2
Now tap on the + button and select Add to Home Screen.

Step : 3
Now exit Safari and tap on the Glyphboard on your iPhone’s home screen.

Step : 4
To choose one of the 48 fancy symbols , tap and hold on a symbol to select and after that tap on the Copy button.

Step : 5
Now if you wish to create a folder with multiple symbols then you can make use of the scratchboard at the top to copy multiple symbols.

Step : 6
Now you can subsequently use the symbols copied to iPhone’s clipboard to allocate it to folder names by pasting it.
Cheers and Enjoy now and most inportantly let us know about it