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Verizon leaks another Droid 2, Curve 3, receiving BlackBerry Storm 3, 10.1-inch tablet later on this year?


Now that the Droid 2 has officially reached “unseaworthy like a separate” status, we intellection we’d sky you other deuce shots of the Droid X’s QWERTY-equipped relative, which we’re state told is locked for an Lordly instrument on Verizon. If you’re statesman of the BlackBerry typewrite, though, we’ve got few tidings for you, too: our maker is telltale us that both a Line 3 and Commotion 3 are “gettable” for the holidays this year. If we had to hypothesis, the Conformation 3 is credible a type of this 9300 we’ve been vision lately, whereas the Penetrate 3 could be a variation of the 9800 turtle or an altogether new keyboardless slate. 10.1-inch tablet on the plan; the vector has already addicted that Automaton tablets are in the pipeline, but this could also be a variant of the rumored BlackBerry brute. Much on this dissonance as soon as we get it; in the meantime, dig of that Droid 2, won’t you?