Hidden SMS Tracker – Don’t Lose Your Staff In Social Networks

Hidden SMS Tracker – Don’t Lose Your Staff In Social Networks

Can people lose their jobs because of social networks? It’s easy; nowadays it happens quite often. Employers are interested in the fact that employees are not distracted from their duties and to More »

Demand for IBM Maximo Professionals will be High in 2017

Demand for IBM Maximo Professionals will be High in 2017

IBM Maximo – At a Glance IBM Maximo is a comprehensive IBM-designed EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) tool used to control, retain, and relinquish firm’s assets. This software solution has specifically been designed More »

Oracle to MySQL Tool Helps Users Convert Information In One Database To Another

Oracle to MySQL Tool Helps Users Convert Information In One Database To Another

MySQL and Oracle are similar in their popularity for being RDBMS, loaded with a plethora of programming APIs and administration tools. And, although Oracle is really good at what it does, there More »

Must have features for a business mobile app

Must have features for a business mobile app

Mobile Apps are growing very rapidly. Business needs to have a mobile app in order to stay competitive in the market. Some business apps are useful and help businesses to improve the More »

Nintendo’s Stock Plunges After Pokemon Go Announcement

Nintendo’s Stock Plunges After Pokemon Go Announcement

After Nintendo reminded investors that they would only be making a limited amount of money from the hit mobile game Pokemon Go, their stock plummeted. In fact, their shares took their biggest More »


Nintendo’s Stock Plunges After Pokemon Go Announcement

Nintendo's Stock Plunges

After Nintendo reminded investors that they would only be making a limited amount of money from the hit mobile game Pokemon Go, their stock plummeted. In fact, their shares took their biggest drop since 1990.

ZTE Spro Plus Android Projector Makes Its Debut At MWC 2016

ZTE Spro Plus Android

This week the new Android projector called Spro Plus has been unveiled by ZTE mobile devices.  According to ZTE, the device is equipped with innovative visual features along with a touchscreen.

The Spro Plus is a combination of a 500-Lumen projector and control system that is Android based featuring an AMOLED display 8.4-inch touchscreen that offers users 2k resolution along with an enormous 12,100 mAh battery.  It also features a Snapdragon 801

The unbelievable potential of VR isn’t video games or pictures, it’s medication

For years, the technology and entertainment sectors happen to be marketing the morning of the “VR era”—the stage at which virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift may alter information, entertainment, and communicating as we understand them. But the world of VR technologies continues to be a little…less fascinating. The head sets are pricey and unusual-looking, the program eco system is small and under developed, and several specialized bugs nevertheless remain. (Some VR customers whine about sickness, by way of example.)

Animated Video Production Is An Effective Advertising Technique

animated video

Today, around thirty-seven percent of the web includes animated video production. Since film was invested, it has been an effective way of influencing and reaching an audience in a form of advertising. Overtime, films have obviously adapted and progressed to function the digital age.

There are many reasons why companies are considering animated video production. According to experts, majority of customers purchase a product or service when video is utilized and their decision to buy is made easily. Once they watch the video, consumers have a greater understanding of the service or product.

The Affects Of Technology On Society

Affects Of Technology On Society

There are always two sides to a coin, and technology can be measured on the same basis. You can either consider it a good thing, or you prefer to see the bad. If you look at how technology affects society today then the picture is a little scary.

The Good Effects

In order to be fair, one should always be objective when it comes to questions like these. Starting with the great things technology has done for society, speeding up medical evolution is definitely one of them. With every day technology helps to save lives.

Are Modern Inventions Benefiting Humanity? Or Spoiling it Rotten?

Affects Of Technology On Society

The concept of waking up to the sound of a cock crowing seems more alien to many of us than the possibility of interstellar travel –What? Be told when to wake up by a bird? Ridiculous!!-  Today we have electric ring tones to alert us to our responsibilities, both personal and social; what is more, these devices are literally, at our fingertips.

Information is a Google search away, shopping can be done with the click of a button and as if by magic it is delivered to your front door –at any other point in history this would be considered MAGIC. And the numerous advantages of our high tech world have saved us considerable time and effort.

Sapphire Glass Vs. Gorilla Glass: A Comparison Of The Two Main Touchscreen Glasses In The Market

apphire Glass Vs. Gorilla Glass

There is a very interesting battle brewing within the smartphone industry and the main bone of contention being the touchscreen types available – the main culprits in this case being Gorilla Glass and Sapphire Glass. While Sapphire glass certainly sounds richer and cooler, and most certainly proven to be much more expensive than Gorilla glass, it has still to prove that it is the touchscreen option to beat. As such, it is important that you look at both of these options to see how they compare to one another and if there is any that is better than the other.

What are Sapphire and Gorilla Glass Made of?

Sapphire is basically a crystalline form of aluminum oxide known as Corundum which occurs as a natural mineral that can be transparent. It is this mineral that is used to create the glass. Gorilla glass on the other hand is Corning’s patented trademark for a chemically-toughened glass that is created through a unique ion-exchange process. To create Gorilla glass, a sheet is put in a 400c bath of liquefied potassium salt. What happens next is that there is an exchange between larger and smaller sodium ions on the glass. Once the glass cools, the potassium ions then provide improved protection against stress – as such, the surface becomes resistant to scratches.

Sapphire Vs. Gorilla: Which Is Harder?

Here’s The Best Hi-Tech Gadgets In 2015

Microsoft Surface Pro Mini

If you have a love for hi-tech gadgets, then you’re certainly not alone. Thanks to the boom of modern information technology and engineering advancement, it seems there’s always new, fancy gadget on the horizon – and there’s always something to look forward to. In this guide, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the best hi-tech gadgets available in 2015 – so without any further introduction, let’s get started.

1 – HTC Virtual HeadsetHTC-Virtual-Headset

If you love virtual reality, then you’re going to love this new virtual reality headset created by HTC. Promised to debut before the year finishes, this device promises to be one of the most advanced virtual reality systems ever created – and it really filled the audience with wonder when it was first unveiled. Based on preliminary user experience, the reviews have been fantastic – so this one is sure to be a big hit.

2 – BlueSmart

One of the most useful gadgets to be developed this year has to be BlueSmart, which is the world’s first BlueSmart‘smart’ hand luggage system. This thing comes with a wide range of interesting features, such as the ability to lock and unlock it simply by using an app on your phone, as well as the ability to automatically ‘scale up’ and ‘scale down’ based on how big or small you want the luggage to be.

Of course, this scalable feature makes it excellent for meeting size and weight restrictions when you’re travelling by air. Thanks to an incredibly profitable Kickstarter campaign, this luggage system quickly entered production, and it’s safe to say this will be on many traveller’s Christmas lists.

3 – Microsoft Surface Pro MiniMicrosoft Surface Pro Mini

Something you simply can’t avoid when looking at the best gadgets of 2015 is the range of incredible new computing hardware that’s become available. In particular, this mini tablet from Microsoft really stands out, and it has made many people very excited!

With a very small screen of between 8 and 10 inches, this is one of the most compact tablets around, but it still provides excellent performance, thanks to the use of the latest Windows 10 operating system (which is also another great 2015 release).

4 – Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +

Cellphone technology has really progressed over recent years, and this latest phone is a great gadget to have in 2015. Fondly known as a ‘phablet’, this phone is – in many aspects – a close rival to a tablet, falling just between the two categories of gadget.

But with incredible hardware, such as 3gb of ram and and large screen of 5.7 inches – it’s’ easy to see why people have such difficulty labelling it as either a phone or a tablet. But regardless of what you decide to call it, there’s no denying that this is a fantastic gadget to own, and it’s expected to quickly become a bestseller for Samsung.


Overall, it’s safe to say that modern technology will continue to fill us with wonder as each new, incredible gadget is released. So if you’re interested in finding out more, it’s well worth investigating these gadgets in further detail.

The Top 5 Technology Myths

Technology Myths

Technology is a part of our everyday life, but a lot of the time we don’t really understand how it works, and this means that we make a lot of mistakes and pay more than we should for tech. Here are five technology myths that a lot of people believe, and that you could save a lot of money if you took the time to really understand.

1 – Macs Won’t Get Viruses

While Macs are less likely to get viruses, they are not immune. Virus writers target the most popular platforms, and as Macs have become more common, more viruses have started to appear for the platform.

16 Symptoms That You Are In A Relationship With Your Laptop

Have you finished your work and you are about to leave to go home? At this time, all you are thinking about is going home; however, something in you is telling you to turn it on and all the possible things you could do with it. Yes! We all talking about your precious Laptop.

You are not the only person in this, since it happens to most of us. Today, we have become obsessed over technology and if your phone is your best friend, then your laptop is your best friend. Many people do not know that, their laptop is one of their true love. To know if a laptop is your love; below are the signs that will show it is true.

1. You Do Not Allow Others To Touch It

Noooooo! This is what you will react when you find other people are touching your laptop. It is your laptop and you will not share it.