New HP DM & DV Series 2010


HP at Your Door Must Open your Door Now

For High Performance, Power, Style, Smartness, Ultra portable & Enhance Mobility

Performance laptops for all your mobility needs

Entertainment Notebook PC’s, Stream Expressive Articulate Argento Design, Brushed Aluminum NEW LOOK

General Overview of DV Series 2010:

HP NEW DM & DV SERIES with new dynamic and multitasking features offers the latest series of processors of INTEL (i3, i5 & i7) while also offer in latest AMD processor series. Not only this but also offers the new look, shape, design, new Dolby Sound Speaker, latest high performance finger print reader, high video performance through ATI (4330.4570 & 5650) and extensive hard drive (320 GB, 500 GB, 640 GB & 1 TB). The multiple features the most of the lot a touch screen and wireless Wi-Fi video and images and gallery sharing features. The new high performance DVD Drive (like Light Scribe & Blu-ray), True Vision Webcam and stylishly integrated new latest fast performance HDMI, 8 IN 1 CARD READER, ESATA, VGA PORT, USB PORTS and extensive Hp online features like sharing and storage and also prevention of your data or drive from encryption and many other facility.

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