Must have features for a business mobile app

Must have features for a business mobile app

Mobile Apps are growing very rapidly. Business needs to have a mobile app in order to stay competitive in the market.

Some business apps are useful and help businesses to improve the efficiency of the company, customer services and add new marketing channel. Mobile apps a cool factor which increase brand reputation. Apps are a great way to show your product to customers in a unique way.

What elements & features differentiate when we talk about mobile apps? These features are essential for developing an app that becomes popular with users.

Collect user Feedback

None apps are perfect at the time of launch. Apps from tech giants like Facebook,  Twitter, LinkedIn has evolved from their  initial launch. It is always important to collect user feedback and improve upon existing thing. Your app users can provide you best feedback on what can be improved, eliminated or changed.

Work Offline

It great if an app runs offline as well. This feature has to be balanced with data security in mind. If some features of the app work offline as well then it’s great in terms of the usability perspective. What and how much data & functionality on the device should be shown online that depends on the specific app.


Sometimes it is tempting to offer multiple things in an app. You must remember that mobile app screen size on average is about 5 inch. Most important element in mobile app design is its simplicity & ease of use.

Enabling Push Notifications

In Mobile app, you can deliver personalized shopping experience. Apps are the very easy to place to communicate directly with your customer. If you have any product update, news, new happing in your industry you can send a push notification or in-app message. You can also have features like in-app chat. With Push notification, you can remind your customers to use the app regularly.

Quick Contact

If mobile app user needs to contact you, in any case, it Contact button on the app should be quickly visible. It can be frustrating for the user if they have to glance through the whole app

 to figure our contact button. Your app uses should be quickly able to find a contact number, email address etc. Fast contact makes it easier for your customer to contact you and close a sale. It also increases customer satisfaction and they are motivated to do the business with you again.

Mobile Payment

Mobile payments are getting bigger & bigger. About 70% of world population now owns a smartphone.  More than 30% of the e-commerce happening on a mobile device today. This functionality improves customer experience & increase sales.  and Mobile payment can have a seamless experience on mobile apps. It allows the customer to pay for your product or services with just a swipe on apps. Seamless mobile payment experience can increase your business’s top line.


Social Media Integration

You can connect social media within an app. Social media is a great way to be in touch with your customers.  This puts your business into a fun and welcoming atmosphere for the app users. Your visitors will be able to share interesting products on social media which will increase brand visibility. You can also offer login with social media buttons like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

Make an app that makes the difference

The Smartphone has quickly become a part of daily life for everybody. For a business app to succeed it needs right planning and execution. Make it easy for your customer to find your store reward them with special discount & offers if they use an app. Offer them seamless services & mobile payment option.

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