Increase Workflow With a 3D Mouse

3D mouse is an input device widely used by graphic and web-designers – it enables working with 3D objects on a screen in a much easier way as compared to a 2D mouse. The latter allows moving objects only in 2 directions, that also – one direction at a time, while a 3D mouse allows you to do ‘pan/ zoom’, ‘tilt/ spin/ roll’, etc. and merge multiple movements. Thus your workflow with 3D mouse becomes much more fluid, much more efficient. Apart from allowing you to move objects to the right and left, back and forward, up and down, a 3D mouse also enables rotating objects around each axis – that is why it is often called a 6DOF (“six degrees of freedom”) device.

Whether you are professional designer or just like trying new things, 3D mouse is certainly something you should look at.

Now, say, you are using your 3D mouse and can’t get enough of the functionality it offers. What if someone tells you, you cannot use your 3D mouse in certain situations? Like when you are working over remote desktop protocol, remote desktop would not allow you to access a USB port your 3D mouse is connected to. What do you do then? Don’t worry – there is a way to go about it. USB Network Gate is a software application that enables you to get through to local USB ports.

This is how it works:

  1.     Install the app on the remote desktop and the computer to which your 3D mouse is attached to.
  2.     Launch the app on the computer into which the mouse is inserted. In ‘Devices’ tab check the list of the devices available in the system – locate your 3D mouse and click ‘Share’ next to it.
  3.     Now open the app on the remote desktop, find the device in ‘Devices’ tab and click ‘Connect’.

Your 3D mouse is at your disposal again, thanks to USB Network Gate.

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