Hidden SMS Tracker – Don’t Lose Your Staff In Social Networks

Can people lose their jobs because of social networks? It’s easy; nowadays it happens quite often. Employers are interested in the fact that employees are not distracted from their duties and to prevent this, they check and track their computers. If an employee searches for something unimportant on the Internet, he or she may be fired.

What can you monitor with a tracking software?

We believe that the hidden SMS tracker for android in the office contributes to the effective management and personnel affairs. Many employees use corporate phones to chat with friends, watch videos on YouTube and just consume any interesting information that has nothing to do with their jobs. Identifying these employees will help you get rid of dependents in the office and give you a chance to get a more responsible person.

Companies that offer shipping services often install software on a android mobile device of drivers that track their location via GPS and show how many kilometers they passed. The offices are established with surveillance cameras that perform a dual function: they do not allow intruders to get inside and they watch the staff. Call centers record calls, which are then checked for quality services. Not all employees are aware that corporate computers are monitored by managers because this technique works as well as their money invested.

hidden sms tracker for android

What can you monitor and check?

An excellent director of the company should prevent wasting working time and do not allow installing any viruses on the computers in the office. There should be some private space for each in the office, but the territory of the toilet will be enough. According to various estimates, 9 out of 10 employees have admitted that they spend time in social networks from the workplace.

No one will ever fire 90% of employees at once, but it’s important to keep track of how much time they spend on this. While monitoring your staff, you can also find out such unpleasant cases as leaking of confidential information, blackmailing or even bullying someone. The human brain cannot work throughout the eight-hour day, even with the lunch, so a short break is still needed.

However, the Internet is a real swamp: you can’t surf there for five minutes, be sure to stay there for an hour or two. For this reason, employers and supervisors monitor the computers of their employees either personally or through special programs.

Some of the staff are trying to argue that their privacy is abused, but the answer, in this case, is simple: as long as they are in the workplace, the company’s interests are put at the first places. The company has paid for their computers and give them a salary. Any employer can have access to the employee’s android device. It’s the right of the owner of the computers. But don’t forget to sign a contract.


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