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Hidden SMS Tracker – Don’t Lose Your Staff In Social Networks

Can people lose their jobs because of social networks? It’s easy; nowadays it happens quite often. Employers are interested in the fact that employees are not distracted from their duties and to prevent this, they check and track their computers. If an employee searches for something unimportant on the Internet, he or she may be fired.

Demand for IBM Maximo Professionals will be High in 2017


IBM Maximo – At a Glance

IBM Maximo is a comprehensive IBM-designed EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) tool used to control, retain, and relinquish firm’s assets. This software solution has specifically been designed to streamline the maintenance and operations of the operational assets of the small and medium sized to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Oracle to MySQL Tool Helps Users Convert Information In One Database To Another


MySQL and Oracle are similar in their popularity for being RDBMS, loaded with a plethora of programming APIs and administration tools. And, although Oracle is really good at what it does, there are two key problems associated with it:

  • It costs a lot of money to own

  • It’s got a restricting licensing policy

Must have features for a business mobile app

Must have features for a business mobile app

Mobile Apps are growing very rapidly. Business needs to have a mobile app in order to stay competitive in the market.

Some business apps are useful and help businesses to improve the efficiency of the company, customer services and add new marketing channel. Mobile apps a cool factor which increase brand reputation. Apps are a great way to show your product to customers in a unique way.

What elements & features differentiate when we talk about mobile apps? These features are essential for developing an app that becomes popular with users.

Nintendo’s Stock Plunges After Pokemon Go Announcement

Nintendo's Stock Plunges

After Nintendo reminded investors that they would only be making a limited amount of money from the hit mobile game Pokemon Go, their stock plummeted. In fact, their shares took their biggest drop since 1990.

Animated Video Production Is An Effective Advertising Technique

animated video

Today, around thirty-seven percent of the web includes animated video production. Since film was invested, it has been an effective way of influencing and reaching an audience in a form of advertising. Overtime, films have obviously adapted and progressed to function the digital age.

There are many reasons why companies are considering animated video production. According to experts, majority of customers purchase a product or service when video is utilized and their decision to buy is made easily. Once they watch the video, consumers have a greater understanding of the service or product.

25 Best Temporary / Disposable and Free Email Services


Temporary or Disposable Email Services is mainly a virtual email service online that you can use on short-term basis and you can dispose it off after use. Temporary or disposable email service is proved to be quite handy when it comes to securing your private email address from spam bots. Spam emails are one of the most widespread issues these days, and it is very widespread that the personal email accounts are swamped with spasm because there are many spam bots that are planned to crawl over internet to constantly find more and more email addresses. So, if you don’t like to expose your private email addresses to spam websites, then these temporary or disposable email services can help your reason for sure.

10 Free Programs That Protect Your PC


There are many people who want to destroy your computer by the use of spyware, viruses and malware. There are many downloadable applications which can avoid the irritation and frustration of having these malicious programs on your PC. Here are some of the best FREE security applications for your PC. Because PC protection is mandatory.

PC Protection1. Microsoft Security Essentials

2. Avira Antivir

How To Add Fancy Symbols To Folder Names Using Glyphboard in iPhone


Folders are one of the chief new features introduced in iOS 4. It assist you keep the apps arranged and decrease the clutter on your iPhone’s home screen.I actually like the way it automatically assigns a name to the folder based on the iPhone apps in it.If that isn’t good enough then individuals at iPhone have figured out a way to allocate fancy symbols to a folder name using Glyphboard.

Glyphboard is an iPhone web app developed by Neven Mrgan, which contains 48 fancy symbols that can be copied and pasted wherever you like.

Just follow these simple steps:

Step :1
Open your Apple safari browser from your iPhone and direct it to Glyphboard homepage at
Glyphboard iPhone application

Step : 2
Now tap on the + button and select Add to Home Screen.

Step : 3
Now exit Safari and tap on the Glyphboard on your iPhone’s home screen.

Step : 4
To choose one of the 48 fancy symbols , tap and hold on a symbol to select and after that tap on the Copy button.

Step : 5
Now if you wish to create a folder with multiple symbols then you can make use of the scratchboard at the top to copy multiple symbols.

Step : 6
Now you can subsequently use the symbols copied to iPhone’s clipboard to allocate it to folder names by pasting it.
Cheers and Enjoy now and most inportantly let us know about it

Opera Mini for Android is Ready to Launch

Opera Mini

Accessible as a beta ever since March, the Opera Mini 5.1 app for Android Mobile Operating System is at the present ready for download.  Opera which is known for an enormously fast browsing experience uses a proxy server to squeeze data before it is send to your phone.  That’s because  it is too fast.

Some innovative improvements to ultimate version comprise faster page download speeds, accelerometer support, and virtual touchscreen support.  One of major complaints of the beta was no multi touch support.  Well Opera has set all that, the final version adds pinch-to-zoom multi touch support.   So you all can relax now.

Another huge addition is the skill to make Opera Mini the default browser, which is a good feature not found on most other popular mobile platforms.  Opera Mini  also adds a session restore to crashed browser session, and the capability to synchronize bookmarks, speed dials, and search history with your Opera desktop browser.  Finally Opera has improved image quality and page depiction for all new large resolution devices like the EVO 4g and the new Droid X