Are Modern Inventions Benefiting Humanity? Or Spoiling it Rotten?

Affects Of Technology On Society

The concept of waking up to the sound of a cock crowing seems more alien to many of us than the possibility of interstellar travel –What? Be told when to wake up by a bird? Ridiculous!!-  Today we have electric ring tones to alert us to our responsibilities, both personal and social; what is more, these devices are literally, at our fingertips.

Information is a Google search away, shopping can be done with the click of a button and as if by magic it is delivered to your front door –at any other point in history this would be considered MAGIC. And the numerous advantages of our high tech world have saved us considerable time and effort.

We would like to hope that this unprecedented quantity of modern benefits would be cultivating a civilization of supreme beings worthy of the privilege afforded them –but take a good look around and ask yourself if this is the case.

What seems to be the case here is that many humans have the capability of operating an enormous amount of technology, without an iota of the discipline that was required to develop the devices that save them time and effort.

And as the technology continues to surge onward with numerous advances and conveniences each day, the dependence of humans on these technologies has grown as well. The big question here is are these advances actually beneficial or could they be causing an evolutionary atrophy turning us back into mindless slugs?

Video Games
Video games encourage children –and many adults–to spend time productively and creatively “flicking” at buttons and harnessing the “pivotal” skills of hypothetical warfare while staring into a screen of blinking lights. Have they not heard of Hide-n-Seek?

The Idiot Box
With the amount of human time, attention and effort spent in front of the idiot box to date, we could have re-built the pyramids, cured cancer and discovered a better way to spend our time. Instead it is the black hole of human thought where the listless end up in search of an artificial interaction.

Yeah, but computers are good, right? They save lives, control airplanes, assist in surgeries, improve food production –actually they fulfill most messianic prophecies. But let me ask you this: when was the last time you did the mental calculations on your own? When was the last time the charts and presentations were developed from your ability alone? When was the last time you opted to walk down to the library and conduct some actual research?

Microwaves and Kitchen Appliances
A microwave in the kitchen, oh what a convenient way to get the dietary requirements we need in under two and a half minutes as we bolt to the car and commute to work, cup of coffee in hand. Sorry, does this actually sound healthy to everyone else? By propagating a culture of fast food, we have not only struck a mortal blow at an important aspect of family values, mealtimes –but also served up a few more helpings to the obesity rates worldwide.

Nothing has subtracted from human activity than the introduction of a car in every garage. Now people are getting too lazy to walk to the corner store. Sure transportation has been greatly facilitated, but has also brought with it a rash of the super-lazies.

Social Networking
Kids today are no longer content to spend their afternoons by the creek with friends or any other outdoor activities –and the biggest reason is that sun’s glare makes the display of their electronic devices hard to see –and what about WiFi. Don’t try to convince them to leave the device indoors either –they might need to update their profile.

“Quiet in The Library”
Quiet, dust and a complete absence of visitors interested in anything other than what wikipedia has to say. Sad that the smell of books will soon be gone –many libraries are even updating their stock with digital books CDs and such –more’s the pity.

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