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Demand for IBM Maximo Professionals will be High in 2017


IBM Maximo – At a Glance

IBM Maximo is a comprehensive IBM-designed EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) tool used to control, retain, and relinquish firm’s assets. This software solution has specifically been designed to streamline the maintenance and operations of the operational assets of the small and medium sized to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Oracle to MySQL Tool Helps Users Convert Information In One Database To Another


MySQL and Oracle are similar in their popularity for being RDBMS, loaded with a plethora of programming APIs and administration tools. And, although Oracle is really good at what it does, there are two key problems associated with it:

  • It costs a lot of money to own

  • It’s got a restricting licensing policy

Is It Time You Move To The Benefits Of The Cloud

Once, not that long ago, cloud computing was considered an emerging technology. Its far from that now, having reached into our everyday lives, the power of the cloud has finally been realised by business and is being adopted by everything from small business to large governments and organizations. The revolution has already started.