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How To Add Fancy Symbols To Folder Names Using Glyphboard in iPhone


Folders are one of the chief new features introduced in iOS 4. It assist you keep the apps arranged and decrease the clutter on your iPhone’s home screen.I actually like the way it automatically assigns a name to the folder based on the iPhone apps in it.If that isn’t good enough then individuals at iPhone have figured out a way to allocate fancy symbols to a folder name using Glyphboard.

Glyphboard is an iPhone web app developed by Neven Mrgan, which contains 48 fancy symbols that can be copied and pasted wherever you like.

Just follow these simple steps:

Step :1
Open your Apple safari browser from your iPhone and direct it to Glyphboard homepage at
Glyphboard iPhone application

Step : 2
Now tap on the + button and select Add to Home Screen.

Step : 3
Now exit Safari and tap on the Glyphboard on your iPhone’s home screen.

Step : 4
To choose one of the 48 fancy symbols , tap and hold on a symbol to select and after that tap on the Copy button.

Step : 5
Now if you wish to create a folder with multiple symbols then you can make use of the scratchboard at the top to copy multiple symbols.

Step : 6
Now you can subsequently use the symbols copied to iPhone’s clipboard to allocate it to folder names by pasting it.
Cheers and Enjoy now and most inportantly let us know about it

How To Convert A Mini-SIM Into A Micro-SIM used for iPhone 4


As you may have recognized by now, Apple is offering SIM-free and unlocked units of iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 to clients in UK, France and Canada. As these iPhones are not locked to a transporter, users can sign up with any compatible carrier of their choice. Though, unlike iPhone 3GS, the new iPhone 4 does not hold the conventional mini-SIMs.

Micro VS Mini

As a substitute, users will now have to order a new micro-SIM from their carrier.Micro-SIM for iPhone 4 can be a difficulty if your carrier does not suggest micro-SIM cards until now or takes a long time to procedure the orders.
There is yet an alternating answer. The following how-to guide will take you through a step-by-step process to convert your mini-SIM into a micro-SIM. For the procedure you will need a mini-SIM, a marker pen, a ruler, cutter knife and a filing tool.
Before you continue, here are a few cautions to note. The chip on the SIM can be delicate and this process may permanently injure the circuitry on your mini-SIM. So do keep in mind to carry on with care. It is a nice idea to try the procedure out with a secondary SIM before carrying out the process on your usual SIM.

Step 1:
The most significant part of a SIM is the middle circuit that contains information about the subscriber’s ICC-ID. The initial step is to measure the area around this circuit of the micro-SIM. 12mm x 15mm is the normal measurement of a micro-SIM. You might do this with the aid of a ruler and a marker ballpoint.
Important: I would strongly advocate you to stay for your iPhone 4 so that you can verify the size of the micro-SIM that fits iPhone 4’s SIM tray prior to using this guide.

Step 2:
The mini-SIM requires to be cut along these marked lines. However before you go on, run a cutter knife a small number of times over these lines to prominently mark the sections.

Step 3:
When completed correctly, you may now be capable to break away the plastic piece of the SIM that is not necessary. Cut those marked lines.
Cutting SIM CardStep 4: You are approximately done. Use a filing instrument to make softer the cut edges.
The new micro-SIM for iPhone 4 is prepared. You may now put in this SIM into your iPhone for use. If you are purchasing an unlocked iPhone 4 and are trying out this procedure then do remember let me know how it works.

How to Activate iPhone Without Official iPhone Carrier SIM


I eff figured out an unproblematic way to alter iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G without needing the attorney iPhone carrier SIM. Delight note it doesn’t unlock your iPhone but it activates it. But it will help you to hactivate your iPhone with out the need to hack your iPhone.

iPhoneHactivation is the procedure of activating your iPhone without the means of an official iPhone carrier SIM. Until now, you needed jailbreaking apparatus like PwnageTool to hactivate your iPhone. With my technique, you can hactivate your iPhone using phone book SIM card, without in fact going from side to side the pains of hacking it.
Watch this video to show you how it activates your iPhone without the official iPhone carrier SIM:

Kindly note that the phonebook SIM cards will work as is in iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G but you’ll need to convert it into a micro-SIM in case of iPhone 4.

Verizon leaks another Droid 2, Curve 3, receiving BlackBerry Storm 3, 10.1-inch tablet later on this year?


Now that the Droid 2 has officially reached “unseaworthy like a separate” status, we intellection we’d sky you other deuce shots of the Droid X’s QWERTY-equipped relative, which we’re state told is locked for an Lordly instrument on Verizon. If you’re statesman of the BlackBerry typewrite, though, we’ve got few tidings for you, too: our maker is telltale us that both a Line 3 and Commotion 3 are “gettable” for the holidays this year. If we had to hypothesis, the Conformation 3 is credible a type of this 9300 we’ve been vision lately, whereas the Penetrate 3 could be a variation of the 9800 turtle or an altogether new keyboardless slate. 10.1-inch tablet on the plan; the vector has already addicted that Automaton tablets are in the pipeline, but this could also be a variant of the rumored BlackBerry brute. Much on this dissonance as soon as we get it; in the meantime, dig of that Droid 2, won’t you?

Samsung Captivate now Distributing from AT&T, right on signal

In no doubt, the Samsung Vibrant came out three days earlier, but you don’t care if T-Mobile customers hit  you to the Galaxy S punch — you’re on AT&T, and it’s now time you had (an additional) high-end Android  smart phone to call your own. Our up to date hands-on showed it was a bit lethargic, so you might want to stay for our full review, but if your heart’s put on that 4-inch fabulous AMOLED screen and 1GHz Hummingbird core.

Opera Mini for Android is Ready to Launch

Opera Mini

Accessible as a beta ever since March, the Opera Mini 5.1 app for Android Mobile Operating System is at the present ready for download.  Opera which is known for an enormously fast browsing experience uses a proxy server to squeeze data before it is send to your phone.  That’s because  it is too fast.

Some innovative improvements to ultimate version comprise faster page download speeds, accelerometer support, and virtual touchscreen support.  One of major complaints of the beta was no multi touch support.  Well Opera has set all that, the final version adds pinch-to-zoom multi touch support.   So you all can relax now.

Another huge addition is the skill to make Opera Mini the default browser, which is a good feature not found on most other popular mobile platforms.  Opera Mini  also adds a session restore to crashed browser session, and the capability to synchronize bookmarks, speed dials, and search history with your Opera desktop browser.  Finally Opera has improved image quality and page depiction for all new large resolution devices like the EVO 4g and the new Droid X