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iPhone 4 available in UK, US, Japan, France and Germany Plus Specifications


iPhone the wonder phone is finally available to public in the stores of  UK,US , Japan, France and Germany. The iPhone 4 is the longest jump from its first generation ancestor. On the design part we have  new body that is completely glass, as a replacement for plastic as in preceding generations. The local time for Germany,  UK, Japan and France was 8am local time and 7am for US local time.

Apple iPhone 4G

The phone features are as follows

A resolution of 960×640
New “Retina Display”
Highest-resolution phone screen ever
A4 processor
512 Mb of Ram
A front-facing camera
Video calls function
A 5 megapixel camera
Recording of HD videos in 720p
iOS 4 powered software
Supports multitasking
Supports folders
Supports unified inbox
And other new exciting features.

“FaceTime” is the highest-flying exciting new feature of the new iPhone 4 which allow user to make free video calls on Wi-Fi facilities.

How to downgrade iphone ios firmware 4.00 to Version 3.1.3


Not many days ago  Apple released iOS4 which is compatible with the iPod3G, iPod Touch , iPod Touch 2G, iPhone 3G and  iPhone.Many users updated their iPhone to OS deliberately or inadvertently and now discovering methods to downgrade back to earlier iPhone firmware. If, you upgraded it to iOS 4.0 and now you want to go back to previous 3.1.3, you may chase the steps scheduled underneath.
Remember ECID SHSH certificate for firmware 3.1.3 is required to downgrade the firmware on iPhone 3G and iPod touch.

Downgrade iPhone-OS-4.0 to 3.1.3
Following are the steps to  Downgrade iOS 4.0 to 3.1.3 OS Firmware:

Step #1:
First we have to create a manual change to the hosts file with respect to the Windows operating system.
Just went to the following path “c:windowssystem32driversetc . After that open the hosts file in a notepad or wordpad.
For MAC users they can steer to the path “/etc/” and they can open the hosts file with TextEdit.

Step # 2:
Add “” at the end.  It’s helpful to forward requests for certificates for validity that iTunes will make to the Saurik server.

Step #3:
Set recovery mode in your device.
Now turn off and unplug your device from computer.
Now push and hold the Home button while reconnecting the USB cable to your iPhone. Note that once iPhone is connected it must power on the device.
Carry on holding the Home button until you see the iTunes logo appears and then finally Connect to iTunes will be shown. Now you are ready to release the Home button.
Now that the logo is appeared in iTunes, release the Home button and make a normal recovery.

Step #4:
Windows Users:  Open ITunes and perform a normal reset through holding down the SHIFT key and click restore in iTunes.

Mac Users: Open ITunes and perform a normal reset through holding down the ALT key and click restore in iTunes.

Step # 5:
Choose the original 3.1.3 firmware and wait for the completion of the process.
Enjoy you have Downgraded iOS 4.0 to 3.1.3 Operating system Firmware