16 Symptoms That You Are In A Relationship With Your Laptop

Have you finished your work and you are about to leave to go home? At this time, all you are thinking about is going home; however, something in you is telling you to turn it on and all the possible things you could do with it. Yes! We all talking about your precious Laptop.

You are not the only person in this, since it happens to most of us. Today, we have become obsessed over technology and if your phone is your best friend, then your laptop is your best friend. Many people do not know that, their laptop is one of their true love. To know if a laptop is your love; below are the signs that will show it is true.

1. You Do Not Allow Others To Touch It

Noooooo! This is what you will react when you find other people are touching your laptop. It is your laptop and you will not share it.

2. Laptop Organization

If you find yourself constantly organizing your laptop folders to perfection; most likely your laptop is lover. You do not care if everything in your life is not organised like your room, because they are all secondary to your laptop.

3. You Cannot Spend A whole Day Or Night Without Switching It On

Some people do not even realize it, but they cannot spend the whole 24 hours without switching it on even if they have nothing to do with it.

4. Your Laptop Is Totally Updated

You may not have everything but your laptop surely does have everything. It has the latest version of Operating System (it be Windows, Ubuntu, Linux or even Mac). Furthermore, every app in the laptop is up-to-date.

5. Operating System Or Hardware Crush Is Your Worst Nightmare

The truth of the matter is that when a hardware fails, it could be a stressful thing for anyone to encounter. However, for laptop lovers, it becomes a nightmare to them and at times, some of them may not be able to control their emotions.

6. You Know It Is Going To Be There For You

To you, your laptop is your true companion and you separate yourself from other people. It does not matter when you are sad, happy, bored, or even excited, your laptop is your companion.

7. You Spend A lot Of Time With It In Bed

It does not matter whether you are sleeping alone or have company, your laptop will always be closer to you; on your bed or closer to it.

8. Taking It Anywhere You Are Going

People who love their laptops will always have them no matter where they are going. They may be going for a vacation but still carry it anyway. Others will take it even to the loo as they are going to do their business.

9. Giving A Special Name To It

Some people have also gone to the extent of naming their laptop. This is one of the obvious signs that they love their laptop.

10. It Knows All Your Secrets

If you are a person who saves everything and almost anything in your laptop is a big sign that it is your true love. You will find a person writing how they feel, having their pictures and anything related to their personality in the laptop.

11. Your Friends And Family Are Constantly Complaining About Your Laptop

The amount of time you do spend on your laptop making other people like friends, family, boyfriend or girlfriend to complain and become insecure; then know that your true love is the laptop.

12. You Prefer Speaking To People Online

If you are the kind of person who prefers to talk to people online, then you love technology.

13. Home Is Where The Laptop Is

Anywhere your laptop is; that is your home. You cannot stop dreaming about it and all the things you could do with it.

14. When You Are With It, Nothing Could Distract You

Anytime you are on your laptop, there is nothing that could distract you and you could wish to post the “Do Not Disturb” sign when you are with it. In most cases, such people become angry when they are disturbed while they are on their laptop.

15. Typing Without Looking At The Laptop

This should not be a surprise since you are familiar with every touch of your laptop. Through it, you can browse through it and even type without looking at it.

16. You Do Want To Let It Go

Even if your laptop has become old and it has started malfunctioning, you still do not want to let it go. It pains you to buy a new laptop and still prefer having the old one.

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